Diabetes Blood Meter

Tell Your Dentist About Your Diabetes

We could be the first to know. Don’t let us be the last.

Diabetes affects the blood chemistry and metabolism of those who suffer from the condition. Without proper medication, people with diabetes run the risk of multiple severe disorders. However, early detection can ward off the dangers, and we dentists are often the first to notice clues. So be sure to keep your regular dental appointments and cleaning

Diabetes Implications for Oral Health

People with the condition are more likely than others to develop tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, fungal infections, dry mouth, impaired taste, and inflammatory skin disease. They also may suffer from delayed healing and an increased risk of infections. For many people with diabetes, it may be recommended to come in for dental checkups more often than everyone else.

How You Can Aid in Prevention

Schedule dental appointments for mid-mornings. Ask if a local anesthetic is needed, as well as how long your mouth will feel numb. That way, we may be able to choose a shorter-acting anesthetic so you won’t need to postpone a meal.

Afterward, don’t chew anything while your mouth is still numb to avoid injury. If necessary, switch to liquids temporarily. We may prescribe an antibiotic to help prevent infection after a procedure. If healing problems persist after your appointment, or if the management of glucose levels problems arise, contact us immediately, or call a member of your diabetes healthcare team.

Tell Us When…

  • You have diabetes
  • Your diabetes is under control, or you are experiencing difficulties
  • Your medical history has changed in other ways
  • You are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications