Nervous Woman in Dental ChairWe’d like to offer one comforting and wonderful fact about today’s dentistry: it’s virtually painless.

Technology, new procedures, and some very sophisticated approaches to anesthesia have all contributed to painless treatment, from cleaning to cavity preparations to root canals.

But what if you didn’t grow up with modem dentistry, and remember it differently?

If you have had difficult dental experiences, you may be among the 150 million Americans who white-knuckle their way through treatment, or avoid the dentist altogether. The fact is, about 80% of the fearful can overcome this kind of anxiety, with a little help from an empathetic dentist.

Everyone in our practice understands dental fear and where it comes from. We are trained in forming good working relationships with fearful patients. We encourage you to voice your anxiety and discuss your problems with us, before we touch a hair on your head.

We’ll listen to your needs, and agree on small things that help you maintain a sense of control—a hand signal works with some patients. But talking about fear with us—being assertive and letting us know what bothers you—is the first step.

Call us before your consultation and tell us you’ve had some bad dental experiences you just don’t want to relive. We can help!