Doctor Writing a Prescription

Because we’re concerned about more than your teeth…

If you’re a woman taking oral contraceptives, it’s understandable that you might not wish to mention this prior to a dental procedure. But it’s truly important that we know, and here’s why:

Your dental procedure may include an antibiotic prescription to fight bacterial infection. It’s known that some broad-spectrum antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of a birth control pill, increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Antibiotics are wonderful weapons against infection, but they have their limitations. A few valuable suggestions:

  • If you start, don’t stop. Whether you’re prescribed an antibiotic by us or your physician, don’t stop taking them just because you “feel better.” There’s a chance the most resistant bacteria will remain and multiply.
  • Don’t take leftovers. An old antibiotic on the shelf might not be right to fight your current infection. In fact, it may permit bacteria to grow and delay your recovery.
  • Don’t take antibiotics for a cold or flu. It won’t work against these viral infections.

Think first. Keep in mind the potential of interaction between antibiotics and other prescription products—such as contraceptives—you’re taking at the same time. Make sure we know all about you and your medical condition before we prescribe!